Bisland House Bed & Breakfast
Byron & Christine Tims, Innkeepers
404 S. Commerce Street, Natchez, Mississippi, 39120, United States
(601) 304-5806
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History of Bisland House Circa 1904

  • Hulda Rawle Bisland

Bisland House was originally the home of Hulda Rawle Bisland and her husband Douglas Starke Bisland . Hulda was the granddaughter of Frederic Stanton of Stanton Hall. It is believed that Hulda was born at Stanton Hall. In 1896 she married Douglas Starke Bisland. The home was built for Hulda and "Starke" 1903-1904. They had 3 daughters Anna, Elizabeth"Tibbie", and Hulda. Starke Bisland was killed in a hunting accident in 1908 when his gun discharged as he went through a fence. Daughter Hulda died at age 17. Records show Hulda lived here with her children and her mother-in-law until sometime after 1912. Records show she was living in New Orleans at her death in 1920. All are buried in Natchez Cemetery.

 From 1946 to 1979, Bisland House was a boarding house operated by Mrs. Grace Livingston. Recently, we actually met some of the tenants of the boarding house who met as tenants and have now been married for over 60 years. 

  • Elizabeth \"Tibbie\"

Elizabeth Bisland, "Tibbie"   Tibbie's name is etched in the leaded glass by our front door.                       

  • Hulda and Tibbie

Hulda and Tibbie as a baby.

  • Bisland House early 1900

Bisland House early 1900's.